The Young Marines program is designed to have youth who have received a certain amount of training, as evidenced by the rank achieved, teach and lead the other youth. While adult volunteers supervise and handle administrative duties and teach if there are no qualified Young Marines, don't be surprised if the adults watch as the youth plan, teach, and lead the unit, stepping in only as needed to direct, correct, and encourage.

We train leaders.

Our Senior Young Marines
YM Sgt Miller
YM Cpl Trzasko
YM Cpl Peguero
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Young Marines of the Palm Beaches

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Adult Volunteer Directory
  • Unit Commander Foye Belyea, USMC 
    The unit commander is responsible for all that the unit does.    518.775.7228

  • Executive Officer (XO) Rick Wesolowski
    The XO plans and oversees the unit training program.

  • Adjutant  Cheryl Trzasko
    The adjutant is responsible for record keeping and communication within the unit.     561.798.3842     or 561.537.6938

  • Paymaster   Trina Burrell
    The paymaster is responsible for bookkeeping, paying invoices, collecting payments, etc.    561.507.7497

  • Supply Officer   
    The supply officer monitors our inventory, orders gear and uniforms, makes sure the unit has the gear and equipment needed.   

  • Fundraising Officer    Kim McGrady
    The Fundraising officer organizes fundraising events to help pay for our activities and makes it possible for those on tight budgets to afford to participate in trips and special events that they might not otherwise.    561.853.7676

  • Online Publicity Officer    Rosa Farrington
    The online publicity officer posts photos and updates on our unit website, on the national website, and on our Facebook page. Share photos with her to see them on our sites.

  • Training Officer      Gerald Chaparro
  • Training Officer      Chris Aloisio, USMC
    The training officers oversee the program under the auspices of the XO. They oversee close order drill, PT (physical training), and knowledge.
  • Support Staff         Darleny Peguero
  • Support Staff           David Weaver
    Our support staff serve a variety of functions, serving as chaperones, running errands, helping out where needed.